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To Nebuta Festival    ねぶた祭りへ


Nebuta finished production, from the beginning of July, work to raise the Nebuta to a  table has begun. has begun. It is called “Daiage “.

7月下旬、北村 蓮明作による、「一ノ谷の戦 熊谷次郎直実」のねぶたの台上げが行われた。多くの関係者が集まり、現場指揮者の威勢の良い掛け声でタイミングを合わせ持ち上げる。約400kgの重さのねぶたを2メートルほどの高さの台車に水平を保ちながら、ゆっくり上げる。

In late July, the Nebuta of “Battle of IchinoTani, Naozane Kumagai” was raised by Renmei Kitamura.

Many people gathered and lifted up at the right timing with the dashing shouts of the on-site conductor. Raise the Nebuta, which weighs about 400 kg, slowly while keeping it horizontal on a dolly about 2 meters high.




This Nebuta is made into 5 divisions as a whole, and the front 2 divisions are raised first. The direction instructions to the bearer are not to the west or the east, but to “to the Fisheries Hall”, “to the Asamushi side”, “to Asupamu”, etc. Surrounding buildings and place names.

Occasionally, “Kochakocha (come here) and Tsugaru dialect support also popped out, “There are also transferees, so can’t understand” he replies.

Laughter suddenly occurs.
Everyone is excited about the local festival after a long absence.
Place the front right, then the front left.
Make fine adjustments with the shout of the person on the table, and align the left and right sides exactly.




When the front is finished, this time, the back is called feed.

This is the only time you can see the undecorated Nebuta, as it disappears when you put the feed on it.It is well made, and even if there is no feed, it will continue to operate without any discomfort.

The rear surface divided into three is placed, and the is completed.

Nebuta goes into the hut. Wait for the production.

さて、このねぶた「一ノ谷の戦 熊谷次郎直実」の解説を少し。

By the way, a little commentary on this Nebuta “Battle of Ichinodani: Naozane Kumagai”.




At the end of the Heian period, at the Battle of Ichi-no-Tani, warlord Kumagai Naozane turned to the young warrior of the Heike who fled the beach alone, saying, “It would be a shame to show the enemy behind.”

Seeing a young warrior with a young face, he tried to let the young man escape out, but because his allies had come, Kumagai killed him . He didn’t want others to kill him.

Later, I learned that the young warrior was a 17-year-old boy named Atsumori.

Being annoyed by the sadness of having to slash a young warrior as young as his son and the ruthlessness of the world, he feels regret and abandons his status as a samurai. The Nebuta shows Naozane holding the Hinomaru fan over and urging the young warrior to turn back.


Please have a look at the actual Nebuta Festival.



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