Invisible architectural tour? 見えない建築ツアー?


In late May, I participated in a tour guided by a citizen’s guide to explain “invisible architecture” while visiting the facilities of the International Center for the Arts Aomori (ACAC).

青森公立大学 国際芸術センター青森(ACAC)は、青森市の郊外、合⼦沢の青森公立大学の敷地内にある。


Aomori Public University International Arts Center Aomori (ACAC) is located on the premises of Aomori Public University in Goshizawa,a suburb of Aomori City.

The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) is a contemporary art institution nestled in a dynamic natural environment on the foothills of the Hakkoda Mountains. Its distinctive architecture is well-suited to the center’s three creative pillars of artist-in-residence (AIR) programs, exhibitions, and education/learning programs.





What is invisible architecture?

Departure at 10:30 am in a wonderful natural environment.

Take a walk while watching the outdoor sculptures of domestic and foreign artists.

The roads in a certain section are spread wood chips made of wood that was cut out when the facility was built.


Along the way, Mr. Takahi, a citizen volunteer who plays the role of today’s guide, gave a brief explanation while stopping.


村岡 三郎さんの(Muraoka Saburo)の「ソルトSalt」は、鉄の箱に塩が入れられ、徐々に赤茶けた錆が覆ってきている。この作品は、鉄が、塩を酸化させ、朽ちていくことで、自然環境の中で、物質が時を経て変化していく姿のありようを示しているのだそうだ。

Mr. Saburo Muraoka’s “salt” is filled with salt in an iron box. The reddish brown rust is gradually covering.

In this work, iron oxidizes salt and decays. It shows that substances change over time in the natural environment.

ドイツのコーネリア・コンラッズCornelia Konrads さんの作品「隣人たち」は、川を挟んで向かい合う2軒の出入り口のない家は、半分地中に埋まっているが、


“Neighbors” by Cornelia Konrads of Germany。

Two houses without doorways facing each other across the river are half buried in the ground and the lights come on at night.

A building that captures the characteristics of a country or region such as a “house”

Creepy but humorous expression. It is said that it is creating a “house” that makes you feel both stability and anxiety, and a sense of security and estrangement.




And to the arcade of the four seasons.

The arcade runs parallel to the promenade, but it is covered with surrounding plants and is inconspicuous. Get off at the arcade and take a walk.

The parquet ceiling is lit by gentle light like sunlight through the trees.






The International Center for the Arts Aomori (ACAC) was designed by architect Tadao Ando in response to the desire to build without destroying nature as much as possible.

The concept is “invisible architecture”.

“Invisible architecture” that buries buildings in the forest.

It was an architecture that blended in naturally and did not get in the way.

This tour will continue to be held from 10:30 on June 11th (Sat), 18th (Sat), 19th (Sun), and 26th (Sun) from 10:30 (about 1 hour) Meeting: Exhibition Building Gallery A entrance

No reservation required, free participation, scheduled to be held 1-2 times a month after July.


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