This year’s Golden Week with no restrictions. May 5 Children’s Day Report 行動制限のない今年のゴールデンウイーク

5月5日こどもの日のリポート  May 5 Children’s Day Report


Due to the that has COVID19 continued since 2019, events where people gather for a long time will not be held,we had been feeling lonely.

Therefore, many people have been waiting for this year’s Golden Week with no restrictions. And many were able to experience a sense of liberation.

青森県観光物産館「アスパム」、青森市文化観光交流施設「ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ」、そして青函連絡船メモリアルシップ八甲田丸と青森駅前に広がる一連の観光施設では、それぞれにイベントが開かれた。

Events were held at the Aomori Prefecture Tourism Product Center “Aspam”, the Aomori City Cultural Tourism Exchange Facility “Nebuta Museum Wa Rasse “, and the Seikan Train Memorial Ship Hakkoda―Maru and a series of tourist facilities in front of Aomori Station.


Aomori Prefecture Tourism Product Center “Aspam” has a curry festival that collects delicious Aomori curry, a workshop for children, a gourmet marche, and 17 kitchen cars open in the adjacent parking lot, and many people.

そしてお隣の青森市文化観光交流施設「ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ」では、



And at the neighboring Aomori City Cultural Tourism Exchange Facility ” Nebuta Museum Wa Rasse ”

Yosakoi’s performance was held at the “AOMORI Spring Festival” held for the first time in three years, and many people gathered and enjoyed it.

Yosakoi also participated from other prefectures and put the power of the sword into the dance.


Then, at the Hakkoda Maru, a carp-shaped streamer was displayed on board to celebrate Children’s Day.



Coronavirus hasn’t stopped yet and I can’t forgive it, but the free space after a long time makes everyone smile and makes me want to do my best.

We want the end of COVID19 and the end of the war to end sooner .



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