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Mountain badge designed by a world-famous board 世界的板画家デザインの山のバッジ painter


Badges designed by world-famous board painter Shikō Munakata are on sale at Sukayu Onsen in Aomori City. Originally from Aomori City, Shiko Munakata loves Hakkoda and has visited him frequently since he was young.


昭和1929年(志功28歳)、酸ヶ湯温泉のガイドをしていた鹿内仙人(鹿内辰五郎氏)、酸ヶ湯温泉の大原誠一専務(当時)と志功さんが、八甲田山に登った時、神の鷹と言われるクマタカ(「MOUNTAIN HAWK-EAGLE」)が飛んできたという。
1929 (Mr. Shiko, 28 years old), When Sukayu Onsen’s Sennin (Tatsugoro Kauchi), Sukayu Onsen Managing Director Seiichi Ohara (at that time) and Shikoda climbed Mt. Hakkoda, it is said that the mountain hawk-eagle (“MOUNTAIN HAWK-EAGLE”), which is said to be the hawk of the god, flew.

The guide, Sennin Kauchi, said, “I’ve never seen a hawk with white round patterns on both wings. This is a hawk. Shiko, you will be the best in the world! ”There is an anecdote that said.

After that, in 1955 (52 years old), he won the highest award in the print category at the Sao Paulo Biennale.
In 1956 (53 years old), he won the first international print award as a Japanese at the Venice Biennale, and suddenly became the world’s Munakata.


In 1954, he decided to make a badge for lovers visiting Hakkoda, and asked Mr. Shiko to design it. Based on the previous anecdote, the badge of “Hakkoda Lovers Association” designed by Shiko Munakata was made. Below the design is written “Hakkoda Lovers Association” in French.

The badge was temporarily discontinued, but was reprinted in 1994 and is now sold at Sukayu Onsen.


* Normally, prints are written as “prints”, but Munakata puts characters on the screen, treats the pictures and characters in the same dimension, and establishes a unique “plate print” that is integrated. Hereafter, it is referred to as “board painter”.


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