Communicate the 3R to children in an easy-to-understand manner 子どもに分かりやすく伝えられる3R


As the SDGs movement spreads with the aim of promoting an environmentally and economically sustainable society, various activities are being continued in Aomori Prefecture to tackle things that are familiar to us.
At the Environmental Improvement Center Plaza Building next to the Hirosaki District Environmental Improvement Center in Hirosaki City, we are holding an “Interesting Ingenuity Exhibition” as a way to reuse discarded garbage.


The theme this time is “a work using a paper core”.Works using familiar items such as tape cores and toilet paper coresby elementary schools in the surrounding municipalities are on display.
It is exhibited for each grade and has been devised for each age group.

Hirosaki City is working on the 3Rs to reduce household waste.
Reduce(リデュース)=ごみの発生を減らすこと。Reduce the generation of garbage. Reuse(リユース)=くり返し使うこと。Use it repeatedly. Recycle(リサイクル)=資源として再生利用することRecycling as a resource

Environmental problems are urgent issues  but it is difficult to be aware of them on a daily basis.This kind of handicraft exhibition can be an opportunity to think about the global environment and waste problems with children. Finding out if the garbage from own house is equivalent to the 3Rs will also help your child deepen their learning.

This is the first step to contribute to environmental protection and the realization of a sustainable society aimed at by the SDGs.


The Hirosaki District Environmental Improvement Center uses the heat of incineration of incinerated waste to generate electricity.
The generated electricity is effectively used for facility power and plaza power.

In small vegetable grower, vegetables are cultivated year-round in artificial light using electricity generated from the heat of incinerator.
The harvested vegetables are used in the eco-cooking class held in the Plaza Building.


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