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The 15th Aomori Scarecrow Street    第15回 青森かかしロード 




Handmade scarecrows are lines up along National Route 280, which is a road that link Aomori City and Sotogahama Town. These scarecrows are based on topics and everyday life at that particular time.

Local idol group “Ringo Musume” will be celebrating the “Hokkaido / Northeastern Jomon Archaeological Sites”, which consists of four roads and prefectural ruins such as Hokkaido and Aomori Prefecture, which were recently registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. Mr. Otani, a baseball player who is currently playing in the American Major League and the mascot characters and Olympic athletes of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are lined up in this road.



This year marks the 15th anniversary of this event as it has been started by the local Aburakawa Neighborhood Association since the year 2007.

Before the corona pandemic, seminars were usually held. But there are not going to be any seminars this year due to the pandemic. At the event, scarecrows will be judged. Award for the best and a special award will be sent to the exhibitors.
Many people come and enjoy themselves to have a look of these scarecrows.



It has been hard due to the pandemic these days but, but the humorous masterpieces do help in terms of lightening these dark days. Local events are sober but at the same time it is warm.

Paddy harvesting season is just around the corner. And so is soba harvesting season. The fruitful autumn is bright as ever.

左 水田  右 蕎麦畑  Left paddy field and Right soba field



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