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“A-BEACH” a new beach spot in front of Aomori train station 青森駅前に新しい海浜  通称「A‐BEACH」が完成


On July 20, the artificial beach that Aomori City had been developing since 2015 agreed to restore the seaside environment and create a new place for liveliness and leisure. It is named as “Aomori Ekimae Beach”, but commonly known as “A-BEACH”.



“A-BEACH” is near to tourist facilities such as Aomori Station, Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship Hakkoda Maru, and A-FACTORY, a workshop and market that disseminates Aomori’s products and local culture that was built right behind Nebuta Museum WA RASSE. The area is about 7300 square meters. Many families visited the beach and enjoyed it.



In the evening of the opening event, 300 balloons with LED lights were installed on the sandy beach, 2000 candle lights were displayed on the ground, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Visitors enjoyed the new beach and the night view of the harbor while taking pictures.

Aomori Prefecture is a prefecture surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Ocean, and Mutsu Bay on three sides. Citizens of the prefecture is said to be familiar with the sea. It is also believed that the beach in the center of Aomori will be appreciated by tourists.


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