Seasonal ingredients of Tsugaru during Cherry blossom season Ⅱ 桜の季節の津輕の旬の食材 Ⅱ


In the cherry blossom season, the ingredient that Tsugaru people are looking forward to is not only Gasa shrimps but also an ingredient known as “Helmet crab” (Togekurigani). It also known as “hanami crab”. In Tsugaru, they have a different dialect where it is pronounced as Gani (crab) instead of the usual Japanese pronunciation Kani (crab).
“Helmet crab” (Togekurigani) is smaller than the hairy crab in Hokkaido, but the crab miso is said to be one of the best.



Mr. and Mrs. Nozawa of the Noheji Fisheries Cooperative set sail for Mutsu Bay early in the morning.

Fishing of this crab is done with gillnets. Fishing is done with gill nets. It is said that gill nets are expensive because they have good fruit filling and many females hold eggs. Raise the buoy and raise the net. Crabs come up from the sea as you wind up the net with a roller. The ship is finally getting busy.


Various things are hung on the net, and it takes time to take them out one by one. In the cold weather day, it is still cold although they are properly clothed. The rope runs on the ship and it is quite dangerous.After fishing, the net will be put back in for tomorrow.
The net is put in by his wife, Mrs. Yuriko, while Mr. Shigeru steers and controls the ship.
The crabs will be removed from the net on the way back to the harbor. Its is a hard process like crochet.



After the crabs are removes from the net, the shipping process begins. Crabs are put in a foamed steel box and sent to the Kanto area by a refrigerated courier service. Since it will be arriving in an alive state, the person who ordered it will be surprised. The crabs can survive up to about 30hours.
These crabs can be bought at supermarkets in Aomori City. It is also available at restaurants in the city, so if you are coming to Aomori at this time, please do try it out.

Fishing of Helmet crab (Togekurigani) will continue until the end of May.


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