Seasonal ingredients of Tsugaru during Cherry blossom season Ⅰ    桜の季節の津輕の旬の食材 Ⅰ     




This year’s cherry blossoms bloomed on 17th April, and is considered to be quite early.
It does not only bloom early, but it was also in the process of full bloom and began to disperse. It felt like that the cycle of nature is circling around.

There are a few seasonal ingredients that the Tsugaru locals look forward to in the Spring season.
“Gasa shrimp” is a crustacean with a total length of about 15 to 20 cm, generally known as mantis shrimp, and has a light taste of white meat like shrimp.

It contains a lot of collagen and is delicious when serve as sushi or tempura. But in Aomori, it is prepared by boiling it in salt. With the salt boiled method, the sweetness and umami of Gasa shrimp can be strongly feel.


The fishing ground for Gasa shrimp is about 400 to 500 meters off the coast of Aomori City.
The net set up earlier will be pull up and it will be pulled up in a state of being entwined with the net. The net is hung on a pipe and like a curtain. Some of the shrimps are energetic like gymnasts, stretching and contracting and trying to escape.



On the boat, claw-shaped tools are used to remove the shrimps from the net. They will be sort out by size, pack it in a shipping box, and cover it with wet newspaper to keep it fresh.
When a Gasa shrimp dies, it releases a kind of digestive enzymes to dissolves itself.
Hence, keeping it fresh is an important task.
Fishing of Gasa shrimps will continue until the end of June.
網から外す  Remove from the net

乾かないように濡れた新聞紙で覆う  Cover with wet newspaper to prevent it from drying out



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