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Life in Tsugaru with coronavirus pandemic, low temperature and heavy s コロナ禍・低温・豪雪の津輕の暮らしnowfall





Aomori prefecture had been hit by low temperature and heavy snowfall this year.
Especially in Aomori city where the snowfall exceeded 120 cm for the first time in 6 years.
Besides that, in the Tsugaru area such as Goshogawara City and Kuroishi City had snowfall more than double compare to the average.
This situation is said to be cause by the inflow of cold air due to the La Niña phenomenon.
In this circumstance, citizen’s lives are now constant hard work of patience and shovelling snow.

After shovelling the snow, if you take a rest for an hour, one hour’s worth of snow will be piled up again.
The Tsugaru region, including Aomori City, has had a lot of snow since ancient times. Japan is long country in size from north to south, and a high mountain range runs in the centre like a spine.

In the Tsugaru region, the westward wind from the Sea of Japan side hits the mountains, causing amount of snowfall increases, and the wind that blow the snow on Tsugaru passes to the Pacific Ocean side.


Hachinohe City in the southern part of the prefecture Although it is in the same prefecture, the snowfall there is less as a few centimetres or at most 20 cm in normal years.  When one come to Aomori from Tokyo via the Tohoku Shinkansen, they will experience the sudden of entering a snow country after passing Hachinohe.

津軽の人は、そんな中でも、何とか雪の生活を楽しもうと考え、冬のイベントを考える、弘前市の「雪灯籠祭り」、十和田の「十和田湖 光の冬物語2020-2021 by FeStA LuCe」と企画してきた。

昨年から恒例のイベントは、コロナ禍で中止や規模縮小などの対応を迫られたが、今年は、弘前城雪灯篭祭りや十和田湖 光の冬物語2020-2021 by FeStA LuCeは、開催される。期間は、雪灯篭祭り2月10日~2月14日。十和田湖 光の冬物語2020-2021 by FeStA LuCeは、令和3年1月31日(日)まで。

Even so, the citizens of Tsugaru find ways to have fun in this snowy circumstance. They planned different events such as the Snow Lantern Festival in Hirosaki City and Lake Towada Light Winter Story 2020-2021 by FeStA LuCe.

However, since last year, the annual event has been forced to be cancelled or scaled down due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, the Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival will be held.
The period is from February 10th to February 14th.
Lake Towada Light Winter Story 2020-2021 by FeStA LuCe until January 31, 3rd year of Reiwa (Sun).



The “Aomori Pageant of Starlight” in Aomori City is also being held on a smaller scale compare to last year.

The area is decorated with colourful Japanese paper objects made using the Nebuta technique and a mini snowman “Yukidaruuma” handmade by the citizens. Yukidaruma dolls line up at the bus terminal in front of Aomori Station. I wish to have a good time, even a little.
“Aomori Pageant of Starlight” event is until 7th of February.


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