Cardboard cosplay 段ボールでコスプレ

ダンボールで作ったコスチュームやオブジェを披露するイベント『ダンボリアン』 が、青森市で開催された。今年で3回目を迎える。

イベントは、3つの部門に分かれており、ダンボール工作初心者のスマイル部門/ For Beginners、ダンボールを主にした造形オブジェ部門/ Artwork Challenge、コスプレ部門/ Cosplay Challengeの3部門で、工作好きが腕を振るった。

An event showcasing costumes and objects made from cardboard known as “Damborian” was held in Aomori city. This year marks the 3rd time of this event.

This event is separated into 3 categories. Smile category for cardboard craft beginner, Artwork challenge category for cardboard-based object modelling and Cosplay challenge category.


Participants vary in age and occupation.

This is the first time for Oi family who participated as parents and children to this exhibit. After seeing the first Danborian tournament, they wished to also participate someday.

The daughter was posing in a costume made by her father in a photoshoot.



There was a person who was painting on a cardboard canvas with a cardboard brush.

It is said that he works in welfare related industry and he usually draws oil paintings as a hobby.


Junior high school students in the city wanted to recreate the Nebuta Festival, which was cancelled this year. Hence, they participated in a Nebuta costume made out of cardboard. The dance was lively with the music of the Nebuta Festival.


Everyone, regardless of generation, was enjoying the event in this corona pandemic.


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