Aid World Heritage registration via knit hat 世界遺産登録をニット帽で応援

青森県は4道県(北海道、青森、岩手、秋田)とともに、ユネスコへ「北海道・北東北の縄文遺跡群」の縄文遺跡群の指定を2021年の世界遺産登録をめざしています。2020年9月国際記念物遺跡会議 (ICOMOS)による現地調査があり、来年の指定に向けて良い感触を得られました。

Together with the other 4 prefecture(Hokkaido・Aomori・Iwate ・Akita),  Aomori prefecture is aiming to get Jomon archaeological sites of “Hokkaido / North-eastern Jomon Archaeological Sites” to be register as an UNESCO world heritage site by the year 2021. There was a field survey by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in September 2020, and there is a good chance of achieving it in the coming year.

Special historic site Sannai Maruyama Site

青森市にある国指定小牧野遺跡(こまきのいせき)を管理する一般社団法人 小牧野遺跡保存活用協議会が、世界遺産登録の機運を醸成しようと発売したグッズが人気を呼んでいます。小牧野遺跡は、日本が2021年の世界文化遺産登録を目指す「北海道・北東北の縄文遺跡群」(北海道、青森、岩手、秋田)を構成する17遺跡の一つ。小牧野遺跡には、縄文時代後期前半に作られた環状列石を主体とした遺跡があります。

Goodies produced by the Komakino Remains Preservation and Utilization Council, which manages the nationally designated Komakino Remains in Aomori City, in order to foster the momentum to being registered as a World Heritage Site are gaining popularity. Komakino site is one of the 17 sites of “Hokkaido / Northeastern Jomon Archaeological Sites” (Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, Akita), which Japan aims to register as a World Cultural Heritage site by 2021. There is a site mainly composed of stone circles made in the first half of the late Jomon period at Kamakino Site.

Komakino   Site


Shading glasses

Goodies produced in order to foster the movement are such as sunglasses and T-shirts related to shading clay figurines were launched in May 2019, and in December of the same year improved versions of sunglasses as shading glasses was launched. Then, in January 2020, the shading clay figurine knit hat was launched and sold out immediately. And then,sale of Kendama (cup and ball) started in July. After relaunching the shading clay figurine knit hat again on November, it was sold out in a short time and there were requests from all over Japan to purchase it. The shading clay figurines knit hats are hand-knitted one by one by local women. It is shaped like a shading clay figurine that symbolizes the Jomon archaeological site. However, there are still no shading clay figurines have been excavated at the Komakino site.

(※市内で出土した遮光器土偶は展示されています)(* Shading clay figurines excavated in the city are on display)

大人気となった遮光器土偶ニット帽ですが、一般社団法人 小牧野遺跡保存活用協議会の代表理事 竹中 富之は、複雑な心境。というのも、もともと地元の人の世界遺産登録の機運を醸成しようと考え着いたもので、単に「縄文グッズ」としては考えていなかったという。来年にも、ニット帽の販売を予定しているが、どのような販売方法が良いのか考慮中という。何はともあれ、2021年の世界遺産委員会で世界文化遺産の登録審査・決定を目指します。

The shading clay figurine knit hat had become very popular, but Tomiyuki Takenaka, the representative director of the Komakino Remains Preservation and Utilization Council, has a rather complicated feeling about this. Knit hats were originally used to promote and foster the momentum to get the site listed as a UNESCO world heritage and was not considered simply as “Jomon goodies”. Knit hats are scheduled to be sold next year, but still yet in the process of what kind of sales method is best for it.

However, the World Heritage Committee in 2021 will aim to examine and decide on the registration of World Cultural Heritage.




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