Practical use of vegetable! Activities of tomato farmers 野菜を賢く活用!トマト農家の活動

11月上旬、特定非営利活動法人SEEDS NETWORK開催のみんなの食堂 いっしょに食べよう!が開かれた。今回の講師は、青森県東津軽郡蓬田村(よもぎたむら)のトマト農家、小田桐 雅子さん。

Let’s eat together at a public cafeteria held by SEEDS NETWORK, a specified non-profit organization in early November! Was opened.
The lecturer this time is known as Mrs. Odagiri Masako, a tomato farmer in Yomogitamura, East Tsugaru County, Aomori Prefecture.
A vegetable shop called “Mugwort Tomato” is also open in the center of Aomori City. The store name, Mugwort Tomato, is a combination of the word mugwort and tomatoes.




In 2014, Mrs. Masako who was born in Tokyo was married to Mr. Katsu who was born in Aomori. After both of them when back to Aomori and started farming. She said, “50 (year-old) switch.” Mr. Katsu (50) and Mrs. Masako (47). Neither of them had any farming experience before this. As for the agricultural products to be cultivated, they chose tomatoes, which are relatively easy to start with.
They started planting on April and their shop on July.

From April to November, farm work starts at 6 am, and in the afternoon, produce are sold at their shop. Sorting and shipping preparations for agricultural cooperative shipments are tough and they can only end their day and return home around 10 pm.

Product that they have pride in are tomato juice, tomato vinegar, chilli sauce, tomato ponzu etc. Tomato juice sells both mechanical and hand squeezed.  The hand-squeezed one is separated, but it is said to be light.This year, the processing coachman who makes chili sauce and tomato ponzu has stopped due to corona virus.



She was surprised about the freshness of vegetables in Aomori and wanted to spread this discovery. Hence, she acquired the qualification of vegetable sommelier (junior) of the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association in order to convey it to customers in an easy-to-understand manner. However, she still wanted to go one step further and then passed the qualification as a life frozen advisor.
As a freezing life adviser, she teaches customers who come by to her shop about how to cook delicious, lean, and easy and convenient cooking by freezing vegetables wisely.

She describes Aomori vegetables as “dressing-free vegetables.” That is how fresh and delicious it is originally. Normally, tomatoes are harvested while they are blue in colour and still in an immature, and then placed in stores and wait for them to ripe.



As for today, chicken, tomato and shimeji soup will be introduce. After stir-frying chicken, defrosting and peeled tomatoes and frozen shimeji mushrooms were added to make a delicious soup in a short time.
Vegetable preservation and cooking methods that is presented by tomato farmer. Information is available visiting the shop. For those who are refraining from going out due to corona pandemic, it may be a good idea to freeze the vegetables.
Tomatoes will be sold until the end of October. And then after that winter vegetables will be sold.




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