Everyone’s Cafeteria Let’s feats together! みんなの食堂    いっしょに食べよう!

1人より二人、みんなで食べた方が美味しい。みんなで一緒に作って食べて、美味しさを分かち合いましょう!ということで、10月上旬Vege café ちゃままに集まった。
主催したのは、特定非営利法人SEEDS NETWORK。青森県の事業委託を受けて行ったものだ。


It is better and far more delicious eating together than alone. Let’s prepare and eat together and share the deliciousness! A gathering occurred in Chamama’s vege café in early October. This gathering was sponsored by Specified non-profit corporation SEEDS NETWORK, a non-profit organization.
It was commissioned by Aomori Prefecture.

The menu on the day was a story by Mika Okumoto of the cake shop Le Thrill in the city, entitled “Noon in Paris”, and a lecture by Eclair when she lived in Paris. About 15 people in their 40s and 60s participated in the gathering. Some people participated as parents and children, and the venue feels just like home.


特定非営利活動法人SEEDS NETWORKの大西さんが奥本さんを紹介し奥本さんにバトンタッチ。フランスのケーキ屋さんで修行中の話や暮らしの話など、参加者からの質問も受け、楽しく歓談した。奥本さんは、ケーキは得意だが料理は不得意と話すと、参加者で蕎麦カフェを経営している奥村さんは、料理は得意だがケーキは不得意などと話し、会場は、笑い声に包まれた。

Mr. Onishi the representative from the sponsor team Specified non-profit corporation SEEDS NETWORK introduced and passed the baton to Mrs. Okumoto. There were questions and fun conversations from the participants regarding to training at the cake shop in France and life over there. Mrs. Okumoto said that she was good at baking cakes but not that good in preparing a meal and one of the participants known as Mr. Okumura replied vice-versa. The crowd was filled with laughter.



After that, Mrs. Okumoto demonstrated how to make eclairs. Everyone was taking pictures with phones at that moment. And then, the participants decorated the eclairs prepared by Mrs. Okumoto. After completed the decorations for each eclair, they unveiled the finished product.

Everyone including children and adults were serious in the making process.



“1人より二人、みんなで食べた方が美味しい。みんなで一緒に作って食べて、美味しさを分かち合いましょう!” 分かち合いました!早くこれが日常になれば良いですね。

All of them had lunch together of bread and soup. They also tasted the eclairs decorated by themselves. It is a good time spend with the people we met at this venue today.

People that were distanced because of the outbreak of corona came back together and had a good time.

“It is better and far more delicious eating together than alone. Let’s prepare and eat together and share the deliciousness!”. I hope this can become a norm as soon as possible.


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