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Assorted grains and vegetables vegan cooking class 雑穀と野菜のビーガン料理教室

A general visit to the assorted grains café on Wednesday once a month.


Hirosaki City, Wasamodora assorted grains cafe

弘前市 雑穀カフェ Wasamodora(ワサモドラ)

弘前市に、雑穀と野菜で作る家庭料理を教える教室がある。主宰者は、高杉 多希 さん。
雑穀には、体に必要な栄養が、絶妙なバランスで含まれていて、 その美味しさを引き出す料理術で作るのだそうで、一体どんな味がするのか食べてみたいと思った。

There is a cooking classroom that teaches home cook recipe made from assorted grains and vegetables in Hirosaki City. The chairman, Mrs. Takasugi Taki
I visited Mr. Taki’s assorted grains and vegetables café that opens to the general public once a month on Wednesday.
Assorted grains contain exquisite balance nutrients that are needed for our body. It seems like it can also extract the flavour of food in science of cooking. I wonder what does it taste like and would really like to try it out.



The café is located at Mrs.Taki’s home and the cooking classroom is also held there.

The cooking procedure can clearly be seen with the counter style sitting of the café. Glass container that resemble a test tube filled with assorted grains were placed and the counter. And then, Mrs.Taki explained about the grains.


Today’s menu were millet hamburger meat, barnyard millet fried fish, boiled and fried carrot miso・potato and rice cake soup, miso pickled burdock and sweet rice wine kimchi and cucumber. As for dessert were Bavarian cream dessert and dandelion coffee.

Mrs.Taki grow his own tomatoes and made his own tomato sauce dedicated for his millet hamburger dish to enhance the flavour.

Barnyard millet fried fish is made from only barnyard millet and yam without containing any fish product but it tastes and feel just like a fried fish.

Other dishes on the menu are also made by maximizing the taste of each ingredients. Bavarian-style cream had a nice apple flavour and a refreshing sweetness. Apple juice is said to be made by a local apple farmer.

At first glance, the menu seems to be in a small portion size but after feasting on it I felt full and satisfied.


毎月1回、1年間、東京の「未来食スクール」に通い、 6ヶ月の「つぶつぶ料理コーチ養成講座」を受講し、 試験を受けて認定された、「つぶつぶ料理コーチ」となり、弘前で教室を開いた。料理教室では、基本的に生徒が料理をすることはなく、講師によるデモンストレーションをしっかりと目に焼き付けて、 舌で味わってもらうレッスンだという。教室に通ってくる人たちは、医療関係者も多く、雑穀料理を食べているうちに、気づかなかった自分の体調を改めて考えたという人が多いという。

Mrs.Taki started assorted grains cooking after considering about his own physical condition. He thought about what kind of meals and food would be good for the body system and it was also how he got started in this cooking style.

Once a month, I attended the “Future Food School” in Tokyo for one year, took a about 6-month “Tsubu-tsubu Cooking Coach Training Course”, took an exam and became a certified “Tsubu-tsubu Cooking Coach”, and launched a cooking classroom in Hirosaki. In the cooking class, students do not only focus on cooking but also study while the instructor demonstrate and taste the end product. Many of the people who come to the classroom are said to be medical professionals, and many of them think about their physical condition that they did not notice while eating dishes made from assorted grains.
The assorted grains cafe, which is held only once a month on Wednesday, was an opportunity to reconsider the deliciousness of assorted grains dishes and to improve the body system.

スィーツの通販もやっている。Sweets are also sold online.




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