A vegan cafe that practices sustainability サステナビリティ(sustainability)を実践するビーガンカフェ

野辺地町 自遊木民族珈琲 jiyubokuminzokucoffee

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2011年の東日本大震災以後、社会の在り方や個々の生き方を見直し、生き方を変えた人は多い。今回紹介する自遊木民族珈琲 jiyubokuminzokucoffeeの2人もそうだった。
板橋 諒さんと奥さんの朋代さんは、それぞれ違う場所で東日本大震災を経験した。

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, most people had been changing their perspective of life and the way they live in this on-going society. 2 individuals from Jiyubokuminzoku coffee shop are also among the people who are changing will be introduce through this article.
Mr. Itabashi Ryo and his wife Mrs. Tomoyo experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake in different places.


Mr. Ryo worked for a coffee maker company in Yamagata prefecture while Mrs. Tomoyo worked in medical field in Kanagawa prefecture. They had been together since their school days and was separated because of their chosen career. Time during the Great East Japan Earthquake, there were rough circumstances such as where the lifeline was stopped due to a power outage at all location. Especially Mr. Ryo who was in Yamagata prefecture had to went through cold weather since it is early spring March. Electric supply for the heater machine stopped causing him to went through a rough time. Through the time of inconvenience, both of them thought of how to live on and their own identity. Thought of what should be done in these circumstances where resources were not sufficient without having inconvenience. They looked for a lifestyle to life and to support their own self. They thought about the importance of home. It also shocked them both by just thinking about losing their place to live.


Taking this opportunity, Mrs. Tomoyo travelled to  India to learn yoga, an activity where she already built up an interest in. After that, she also visited  Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal and other countries that live within nature.
Mr. Ryo being a little late but still visited Cambodia and Laos.
And then, both of them ended up and met in Australia.
They decided their way of living in Byron Bay, the place where organic lohas yoga is very popular.

インド:ターリー(インドのカレー定食)India: Thali (Indian curry set meal)

Taiwan:A place where coffee beans grown in a hill tribe village are dried at the eaves.

Thailand:A local coffee shop that opened at an organic market in Chiang Mai.

Vietnamese:Vietnamese traditional style coffee extraction method

Australia Byron Bay:State of the beach

Permaculture workshop
この旅で、二人はサステナビリティ(sustainability)を基本とする生き方を模索し、ビーガンカフェ 自遊木民族珈琲 jiyubokuminzokucoffeeを野辺地町で開店した。そこで、「持続可能性」を実践している。During this trip, both of them explored a way of life based on sustainability and opened the vegan cafe known as Jiyubokuminzoku coffee in Noheji town. And now, “sustainability” is put into practice.

Jiyubokuminzoku coffee’s coffee is procured from a company that imports coffee cultivated with consideration for the environment and the community, mainly in Asia.

以下、彼らの実践項目をHPから抜粋。Below is the abstract of their practice items from their own homepage.

Reuse (繰り返し使うこと、再利用すること) コーヒーは、使い捨てのペーパーフィルターではなく、洗って繰り返し使えるステンレスフィルターやネルで抽出。屋外イベント時には、マイカップの持参やリユースカップの使用を推奨する。
Reuse (repeat and reuse) Coffee is extracted with a stainless-steel filter or flannel that can be washed and reused instead of using a disposable paper filter. It is recommended to bring your own reusable cup to any outdoor events.

Compostable (土に還ること) コーヒーのカスや果物の皮、薪ストーブの灰などは、敷地裏の畑の土に還してまた新たな作物を育てる肥料として使う。
Compostable (return to the land) Coffee foreign matter, fruit peels, and wood stove ash are returned to the soil of the fields behind the site and used as fertilizers to grow new crops.

It is to think whether things can or cannot be return to the land whenever you are choosing something to use.

Upcycle (蘇らせること新たな価値を見出すこと)
Upcycle(refurbish and finding new value of an item)
An empty house was refurbished and reconstructed into a shop. Things left in the house were used as interior furniture for the shop.

By hand(自分たちの手で作り出すこと)
By hand (create by your own)
Selection of coffee beans are manually done by hand, seeds were sprinkled to grow vegetables and firewood was steadily broken. Sometimes while waiting for the end product, apparently customer too select coffee beans. Garlic, zucchini, soybeans, flower beans, and red beans were grown in their home field. Customers will also assist in the selection of red beans while waiting for food.
Although it cost time and effort, “things” created by your own hands create different value from “things” that you can buy with money.

Vegan (動物性タンパク質を使用しないこと)
Vegan (usage of animal protein is not present)
Meat・Egg・Dairy product are not used.
Wish to use materials that are self-sufficient
Reduce environmental harm
Wish to increase dietary options for people with various religions and allergies

These 3 thoughts are the core of their thinking.
Think globally, Act locally(出来ることを、出来るだけ、続けていくこと)
Think globally, Act locally (keep doing what you are able to)

A photo of “Chagayu” set meal (side dishes may change depending on the season.)


They participate in sales events and mingle with customers actively.
Mrs. Tomoyo along with her 8 months old daughter Ms. Yae when to a sales event venue in Aomori city. Mrs. Tomoyo makes coffee that is usually make by Mr. Ryo. People who came to the shop are the ones who bought the products from the last sales event and the ones who have been to the store buy coffee and cookies. It seems that opening a shop for sales event has a considerable public relation effect. Some foreigners come to the store knowing that there is an English menu and that Mr. Ryo and Mrs. Tomoyo can speak in English to some extent, and they will spread to other foreigners via SNS (social networking services).

Unfortunately, because of the current coronavirus pandemic, the shop now only offers take out service since in house service is not available. But it sure is a place to look forward to.


Mr. Ryo’s future goal is to create an espresso made by using Aomori Prefecture Recommended Variety Soybean “Osuzu”  grown by ourselves and soybean milk is made from the soybeans and served as soy latte.
A new kind of sustainable coffee is born.



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