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1/3 Rice plantation  Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture  1/3の田植え 



Mid-May is the season for rice plantation in Aomori prefecture.

Japan, the Land of Abundant Rice had been planting rice since ancient time. In the past, rice plantation was an important task and project of a village, and all the residents worked together as one. It was also the ethnic culture of Japan.
In the beginning of rice plantation always starts with the ritual of drawing water into the rice fields, and that everyone feasts at the time of rice planting have been passed down as a food culture.

あおうまクッキング2009年5月号 津軽の田植え料理「干したらの煮付け」
Aouma Cooking May 2009 Tsugaru Rice Planting Cuisine “ Boiled dried cod”

But the rice plantation nowadays had changed significantly.

黒石市の農家、宇野 賀一(かい)(38歳)さんは、今年から2つの新しい方式で田植えを始めた。一つはGPSを使った直進アシストという田植え機での田植え、もう一つは、苗箱に今までの1.5倍ほどの苗を密集して育てる「密苗」と言う方法。

Mr. Uno Kai(38 years old), a farmer from Kuroishi city started 2 new rice plantation methods this year. One of it is by using rice trans planter with a GPS system for rectilinear propagation assists. The other way is known as “dense seedling” that increase the amount of seedings as much as 1.5 times as before and grown in a seedling box.

「密苗」によって、田植え機に積み込む苗箱は1反部(10a 。1,000㎡)10枚ほどとなり、今までの1/3ほどの作業時間になった。GPSを使った直進アシストの田植え機は、まさに、オペレーターの宇野さんのアシストであり、まっすぐに苗を植えていく。そのおかげで苗箱の補充も、田植え機上の宇野さんが、一人で出来る。苗を植えていくと同時に、後ろについている除草剤が撒かれていく。今までは、田植えが終わった後に、別に除草剤を撒く作業が待っていた。GPSを使った直進アシストの田植え機と密苗、この二つの方法で、今では、奥さんの郁美さんと二人でも田植えが楽に出来るようになったという。人件費、作業時間、生産コストは、1/3になった。

“Dense seedling” method is done with loading the seedling boxes about 10 pieces per 1 part (10a, 1000㎡) which only cost 1/3 of the working time as to before. Rice trans planter with GPS system for rectilinear propagation assists is precisely design to assist the operator which is Mr. Uno and will plant the seedlings in a straight position. Thanks to the method used, Mr Uno is able to complete replenishing the seedling box all by himself. While planting the seedlings, herbicide is also sprinkled from the back part at the same time. Cause until now, the application of herbicides can only be done after the seedlings have been planted is done. By using these 2 plantation methods, it is now possible for Mr. Uno and his wife Mrs. Ikumi to complete the rice plantation process much easier with just only 2 people. Labour cost, labour time and production cost have since been reduced to 1/3 of the original.

今、宇野さんは、高齢になって農作業が出来なくなった農家から、農地を委託され農作業を請け負っている。この二つの方法を使えば、自分の家の田17町歩(17ha 170,000㎡)と委託された田と併せて、25町歩(250,000㎡)の田植えも難なくこなせるという。

Now, Mr. Uno is undertaking farm work, for those who are old and can no longer farm.
By using two methods, GPS and seedling these 2 new plantation methods, it is said that is will be able to complete a plantation process that covers 25 hectares (250,000 m2). Since the plantation are is only 17 hectares (17 ha 170,000 m2) they can handle it without difficulty.

The sensor is on the top  田植え機の上に付いているのがセンサー
Self-driving  自動運転


Making plantation look neat and tidy and harvesting easier is how convenience this machine is to be.
1/3 agriculture labour brings hope to the future.





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