Anomalies occur in the fish calling spring   春を呼ぶ魚に異変が

4月下旬から5月にかけて、青森市郊外を流れる野内川をシロウオShirouo学名 Leucopsarion petersiiが遡上してくる。シロウオShirouoは、体は細長く、鱗がない。体色は全体に透き通り、内蔵が見えるスケルトン。

From the end of April until May a fish species known as Shirouo (Leucopsarion petersii) will swim against the river stream of Nouchi river in the suburbs of Aomori city.
Shirouo have a long and thin like body with no scales. Semitransparent body make their organs and skeleton visible to the human eye.


Shirouo is a fish that belongs in the Perciformes order.Shirauo is a similar fish as Shirouo that lives in a brackish water throughout east Asia. They are semitransparent in appearance and is in the family of Salangidae.

Rice straw barriers are set up along the river. Some people tend to start catching from dawn until sunset. It is believed that the catch will be easier when there is a strong presence of south wind.

But because of the warm winter this year, Shirouo lay their eggs much more earlier causing the numbers of catch decrease.


Since ancient times, it is lonely for the Japanese who have a food culture that eats adult fish that gather to spawn in coastal areas by eating for “Odorigui “ eating live seafood to taste the taste of early spring.




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