Corona virus in Malaysia コロナウイルス マレーシア

By Lee Di Sheng

Corona virus disease or known as covid-19 is a pandemic disease that had started its outbreak on 31st December 2019 in Wuhan, China.   This is a deadly disease that had claimed life and heavily damage the human populations worldwide. Covid-19 damage the respiratory of human beings causing lungs to collapse and stop functioning. Thousands of lives had been took away and over 300 thousands infected. Although approximately 90 thousands individuals had recovered, the real cure to this disease have not yet to be found.

Over 1 thousand cases and 4 death had been recorded in Malaysia on 21st of March 2020. Malaysia had a sudden rise in infected individuals due to a lot of reasons. For example, mass gatherings, lack of conscious towards covid-19 etc. Malaysia had government had shut down the country for a short period of time from March 15 2020t o March 31 2020 in order to slow down the wide spread of this disease. This movement carried out by the government had raised the alertness of citizens. People now take full precautions and the act of gathering and leaving home without specific reasons had also became illegal. Those who disobey this rule would be fine and sanction by the police force of the country.


Heavy traffic during working hours. But since the movement control order (MCO) was introduce to the nation by the goverment, citizen with non significant aim are not allow to leave their home and patrol are being done by the police force.


On the other hand, this had also sparked citizens to restock their house with food supplies since restaurant premises are also not allow to operate. Supermarkets shelf were all swept up, leaving almost nothing left in any stores. This is because the ban of leaving home movement may not only last 2 weeks but would be prolong if the situation does not get better by the time. Office staff are also requested to work from home for the meantime.

Overall, the current state of Malaysia is still uncertain whether is will be better or worst. The government is working hard to keep the peace in the country and the health of its citizens. Medical staff and police force are working long hours to make this happen. May the cure of covid-19 be found and end this worldwide chaos.





During the movement control order (MCO), citizen were to stay in their home respectively, resulting no cars to be found on streets or highways.



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