Correspondence to Corona virus/Covid-19  新型コロナウィルス への対応


武漢は、前にもお知らせしたように、青森市の樹木医 斎藤 嘉次雄さんが、20年来武漢市の「東湖桜花園」の桜の栽培管理を指導してきた縁もあり、人ごととは思えず、心配した県民も多いと思う。

Corona virus or known as Covid-19 first outbreak started in Wuhan, China and has been spreading worldwide in a blink of an eye.
As announced previously, Wuhan is the city where Aomori city tree doctor Mr. Saito Kajio has been teaching the cultivation of cherry blossom at East Lake Cherry Blossom Park. It is believed that citizens of Aomori are worry about this case.
China’s East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden, sweat and tears of the unsung hero from Aomori
There are still no signs of corona virus victims in Aomori prefecture yet but many people feel uneasiness as when will the outbreak starts here.This outbreak is gradually starting to have an impact in our daily lives.
Masks and toilet paper were all sold out in both drug stores and supermarkets.
These sold out products are sold at online auctions by resellers in a much higher price.
Supplementary explanation)

The prohibition of reselling masks that are out of stock on March 15th is not only for businesses but also for individuals, and the act of reselling masks at prices exceeding the retail price will be punished.

Mask sold out

Toilet paper sold out

In order to prevent the outbreak from spreading, schools were closed until spring vacation by the end of this month.It is now a must for working parents with children to find a childcare center. Child care center and community cooperation are surpassing in numbers.

To prepare easier meals for the children, number of mothers buying frozen food products and retort food are increasing.Shops are also putting effort in devising hygiene.
Side dishes in buffets are individually wrap. Even breads are packed individually.

Everyone is trying hard to overcome this current circumstance. Let’s do our best!





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