Deliciousness of dried radish of winter  美味さ凝縮!冬の寒干し大根


Just like Italy where there is a present of slow food tradition, Aomori too have a slow food tradition during winter season. Slow food such as dried persimmons and dried rice cakes that were introduced last time, it is a way that enhance the taste of food.

For this time radish will be the main point. Aomori prefecture hold the 3rd largest production of radish of Japan.


Radish if a popular kind of vegetable among Japanese. It is also versatile where many dishes can be made using radish.

In Aomori, radish is boiled and dried before snow arrive and eaten in a variety of ways when winter vegetables are insufficient. Radish with excess removed and concentrated umami is very tasty when boiled or serve in soup where it contains a delicious broth.

For vegetarians, vegetable that contain a strong umami flavour is going to be a rare treasure for them.






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