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Winter snack of Aomori  青森の冬のおやつ 


During winter season in Aomori, there have always be a winter snack.
It is known as dried persimmon made by drying up the astringent persimmon. Astringent persimmon tends to become sweeter in taste with the present of cold wind and is known as a given from the wisdom by the ancestor. Dried persimmon can be eaten as it is and also delicious when serve in tempura style.


Tsugaru is known for its rice and it relates to making rice cakes. Rice cakes are cut into square pieces, tied up with a rope and hang up to be dry. It will be hung up there until it is dehydrated and be in a dry state. Dried rice cakes are slightly bake before serving.
The rice cakes are crispy with crumbs feeling in terms of texture.


Every region has a seasonal or soul food where people will enjoy it in a certain time of the particular season. But seasonal sense is somehow fading away.
There are a lot of needs from labor to time used in the production of dried persimmon and dried rice cake. Hence the production number in decreasing every year.


Also, the abnormal weather condition in recent years. Snow in Aomori this year is extremely less for this year.
Will there be a day when the production of winter snacks in cold days stops?




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