Sakuragawa cafeteria Mochi making (mochi tsukuri)  桜川みんなの食堂 餅つくり

On 5th of January right after New Year eve, mochi making event had been held at Sakuragawa cafeteria.
Nowadays the tradition if using pestle and mortar for was no longer seen in process of pounding the rice cake.
This event was also planned in order to raise the awareness of the children about the existence of such tradition.


There was a small quiz session before the mochi making event starts. The quiz was prepared by the people from Aomori City Diet Improvement Group. It was about the food we intake and the effect of it to our body. Handmade food samples were prepared and have the children paste it on the board.
In this process, a mini game known as “Karuta” is used for the purpose of knowing the product produce in Aomori prefecture. In the meantime, children also studied about “Food education”.

After learning about food education, mochi making process started. Adults were also there to help to grind the rice cake with a pestle.
Mr.Kuramoto, whose parents’ home in Osaka is Mochiya, assisted the children.

Japanese leek that had been cut and simmered by the children beforehand were distributed to all people when the mochi making process is done. Since there is not a lot of chances to held this mochi making event, it is to say that it is hope that “Everyone will have a good time and leave with an unforgettable memory”.

Notice :


The Sakuragawa everyone’s cafeteria is looking for donations for activity funds. One bite is 1,000 yen.
青森銀行 松原通支店(店番127) 普通口座 番号3112789


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