Cardboard Cosplay “Danborian” 段ボールでコスプレ ダンボリアン


“Danborian 2” a cardboard used cosplay event was held in Aomori city on the 15th of December.
This is the second time of the event being held and was join by participants from all over Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido and many more. Age range of participants were from 7 until 70.

The organizer said “There is no need to resemble the original character and nothing to be worried about the appearance. After all the main goal of this event for all families and friends to have fun and a good bonding time in the process. Connecting participants via sharing of life experiences is also one of the goals.

There are cosplay department and object department. Cosplay department are responsible on producing characters in manga and anime, special effects, movies and games. Each of the category have its own set of rules. Where in cosplay, costume have to be made by 50% or more using cardboard.
For the object department, there are 2 main rules. That are objects have to be made by 50% or more cardboard and is able for one to carry around.

After the opening ceremony on that day, participants announced their commitments such as the Danborian sports day and appeal point. Everyone was excited and danced along with the music. At the venue, toys such as building blocks using cardboard and rolling marbles were prepared and played with parents and children.

Lastly there was an award ceremony. Winner of the contest was awarded a trophy made by carboard.

Grand Prize  Ashura Statue  Uramachi Junior High School



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