Sightseeing with robot in Mutsu City  ロボットがむつ市観光


Traveled to Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture via a Robot equipped with AI. This is a small robot known as ‘Robophone’ with communication function and camera installed produce by Sharp. This device is customizable and adapt to the users, hence users can go sightseeing together on a dedicated website.

The total cost including souvenirs is 15,000yen excluding tax. Almost half of the owners lives in the capital area and 70% of them are women. To promote Mutsu City tourist, full cooperation is done to have the owners actually visit the place.

今回参加した「ロボホン」は、50体。東京・豊洲でオーナーの見送りを受けて、1028日に出発。それぞれのオーナーは、一人旅を心配したり、ワクワクしたりと様々。「1人旅は初めてなので心配ですやっぱり」 「楽しみで楽しみでリアル子どもの修学旅行のお見送りみたいな感じで…」とすっかり子供を送り出すような気持ち。多分、この感覚は、女性特有のものなのかもしれない。

50 Robophone had been used. Owners will be escort at Toyasu, Tokyo on the 28th of October. All of the owners felt excited and worried at the same time traveling alone.
The feeling like ‘worried because of them traveling alone’, ‘feel happy since it is going to be like sending them off to a real school field trip’ appeared at the seeing off session. Perhaps this kind of feeling is something unique to women.

Robophone visited Mutsu City’s Osorezan and Yakken Valley while taking pictures and also had a banquet at the hotel they stayed.
The one that is responsible for this Robophone project ‘Sharp’ said that ‘Robophone would be a good opportunity to provide for those who face different circumstances that would not allow them to go for a trip to enjoy the good time’.

Outcome summary    結果 サマリー
Ⅰ.As we can see from the 100% recovery rate of the voting feedbacks, almost everyone was satisfied with the plan stated.
・回収率 100%からも 伺える 通り、 企画の 満足度は ほぼ 全員 が「 最高点」 となった。

Ⅱ.As plan, Mutsu city score the highest score in term of people wanting to visit the place. Mutsu city owns 38% of the 100% voting feedbacks.
・企画 の狙い通り、 むつ市 への 訪問意向 で高い スコアを 出すことが できた。 (100%) ・実際に むつ市 への 訪問計画 を立てている 方が 38%もいる ことが 確認 できた。

Ⅲ.The Mayor of Mutsu City is glad and satisfied with the outcome of Mutsu city being the most wanted place to visit.
・むつ 市長 の出迎え 等、 歓迎されている 感が満足度 に繋がっている ことが わかった 。

Ⅳ.After it ended, there are voices saying that they would want to see “Mutsu phone” while visiting Mutsu city itself.
・終了後、 むつに「 むつホン」 に会いに行きたい、 という 声も あった。





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