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Late autumn: Final stage of apple harvesting

晩秋 終盤に近付いたりんごの収穫

リンゴの収穫も終わりに近づく10月下旬から11月下旬にかけては、主力品種の「ふじ」と「王林」の収穫になる。弘前市薬師堂にある、木村 章悦さんの園地では、章悦さん、奥さんの千鶴子さん、息子さんの武雄さん、奥さんの知美さんとベトナム向けのリンゴの収穫に追われていた。

From late October to late November is when apple harvesting labor is coming to an end. Through this time period apple species like Fuji and Orin will be the main harvest.
In Yakushido, Hirosaki, harvesting is being carry out in Mr. Akira Kimura’s apple farm. Mr. Akira, his wife Mrs. Chizuruko, his son Mr. Takeo and his wife Tomomi are busy preparing the harvest of apples for Vietnam.


In order to prevent the apples that will be import to Vietnam from the threat of pest those apples will be cover up with a bag while being cultivate.This year, the worrying typhoon did not cause any effect hence the harvesting process when on smoothly.

武雄さんは、「忙しい1年だった。ついこの間、花が咲いたと思ったら、もう、収穫の時期になったという感じ。良いリンゴを作ろうと思っていろいろなことをやってみようと思っているが、りんご栽培は、1年に1回の勝負。 なかなか思うようには出来ない。」と言う。若い後継者には、いろいろな夢があるようだ。それでも、リンゴ農家としての張り合いは、消費者が「美味しい」と言ってくれることだという。

Mr. Takeo said 「It had been a busy year. I feel the short time from when the flowers bloom until the harvest begins.To produce the best quality of apples a lot of work have to be done and try and error of different methods but the apple cultivation is like a challenge that comes once a year」.Young successors nowadays have various dreams to achieve.
But still, the motivation for an apple farmer is getting to hear the term ‘delicious’ coming from the consumers themselves.


A selection process is done after the harvest is completed. Big size apples and apples with scratches and imperfection will be separated.Crack and the imperfection stain on the surface of the apples will be remove.
Mr. Akira said that over grown Fuji apples will be likely to have these stains on it.
Number of apples that will be loaded in a cart depends on the size of the apple itself. Hence a tool known as an apple sheet is used to sort of the apples according to the hole size on the tool.
It looks like this after the arrangement.


 After the sorting and selection is done, the apples will be sent to the agricultural cooperative for a second selection.
Local female farmers will do a screening on the apples again and a machine will be used to measure the sweetness and weight of the apples one by one. All of these will be done on a conveyor belt. Boxed apples will be sent to the market. Apples that will be export are packed into a Styrofoam ice box.

The apple harvest comes to an end. Well known apples in the world from Aomori will be sent all over the world. Apple farm will be ready for the coming winter.










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