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Japan’s top-class scallops in Aomori Prefecture  Ⅱ         水揚げ量日本トップクラスの青森県のホタテ №Ⅱ

№Ⅱ Scallop seedling collection  ホタテの稚貝採苗


春に生まれて、海を漂っていたホタテの赤ちゃんを付着させたネットを海から引き揚げ、今の時期は、1㎝ほどに成長した稚貝(juvenile shellfish)を、四角いネットに移す作業が始まっています。小さな稚貝は、海水温が高くなる(sea water temperature rises)と下に落ちてしまうため、浜は作業に忙しい。

From late July to early August, the weather has changed from breeze summer to the hot summer, with 33 ℃ of intense heat each day that exceeds the daily average temperature by about 5 ℃.

The work of raising nets with baby scallops floating in the sea, which were born in spring, has been removed from the sea, and at this time, work has begun to transfer the juvenile shellfish that had grown to about 1 cm into square nets. The process being done at the beach will become very busy because juvenile shellfish will sink into the ocean when below when the sea temperature rises.

外ヶ浜町(Sotogahama-machi)にある蟹田漁港(Kanita Fishing port)では、乗組員の家族や近所の人達が共同で作業をしています。


Bags with adhesion that contain the larva are remove from the sea and transfer to large bucket containers. They are wash with clean sea water then put into a water tank while the adherence is being remove one by one.
At Kanita Fishing port located in Sotogahama-machi, crew family members and neighbours are working together to get the process done.

綺麗にした稚貝は、スプーン1杯(個数にして50~60枚)ずつ篭 (パールネットPārunetto)で入れられ、海中に吊るされ、プランクトンを食べ3cmくらいの大きくなります。この貝を元に、3種類の養殖方法(aquaculture method)で,より大きな貝に育てられます。それは、次回で。

The cleaned juvenile shellfish are put in a spoonful of 50 to 60 pieces in number into a Pearl net Pārunetto and then put back into the sea once again to feed on plankton and grow to about 3 cm in size. For this shellfish, it can be grown into larger size by three different aquaculture methods.

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