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Japan’s No.1 apple producing area Aomori Ⅳ   日本一のリンゴ産地 Ⅳ  

July-August is the time of Mowing and Finished fruit thinning.

先月までの余分の実を取り除き、良い実を生らせる摘果作業(fruit thinning)で、リンゴの実は、適正な果実量になりましたが、もう一度、確認のために行うのが、仕上げの摘果(Finished fruit thinning)です。
Fruit thinning of the apple tree had been done in the past month. Since then, amount of fruits left on the tree will be the optimum amount to grow into good quality fruit. And once again,what is done for confirmation is the finishing of the fruit to ensure that all of the fruits are in good condition,

どの程度になるかは、下の写真をご覧ください。かなりな量まで、実を落とします。一説には(In one theory)、リンゴの実が実際に収穫される量は、1本の樹が実を着けた全体量の約30%になると言われています。高品質で美味しいと言われる青森リンゴは、このように厳選されたりんごなのです。
The image below shows the process and how much fruit had been remove from the tree. In one theory, the optimum amount of fruits that are allow to remain on the tree are only a mere of 30% from the total. With these carefully selection method, Aomori is able to produce the finest and quality apples.

せいの農園(Seino Farm)の清野 耕司(Kouji Seino)さんは、一口で感動を与えることが出来るりんご作りに励んでいます。15hのリンゴ園でフジ(Fuji)や王林など10種類のリンゴを栽培しています。作業員を雇い、仕上げの摘果(Finished fruit thinning)は、大体1ケ月半くらいかかると言います。
Kouji Seino owner of Seino farm is dedicated to produce apples that is able move a person emotionally with just one bite. At 15h apple farm 10 different apple species are being produce including Fuji and Ourin. Workers are hired and the finished fruit thinning process starts. This process will take about 1 and a half months to be completed.

その間に、草刈りもやらなくてはなりません。せいの農園(Seino Farm)は、除草剤(herbicide)や化学肥料(chemical fertilizer)を使わずに栽培しているため、土が柔らかです。草生栽培(sod culture)と言われる、いろいろな草から水分や栄養分をもらって土壌のバランスを整えるこの栽培方法は、ふかふかで柔らかく隙間が多い通気性の良い土が作られます。
In the meantime, grass mowing has to be done. The soil in Seino Farm is soft because it is taken care without using herbicides or chemical fertilizers. This cultivation method is known as sod culture. This is done in order for the apple trees to obtain moisture and nutrients from various grasses while the soil is at a balance state. Hence creating a soft and airy soil with gaps and softness.

仕上げの摘果(Finished fruit thinning)が終わると、りんごの実が大きくなって枝が折れるのを防ぐ為の支柱立て(support by pillar)が始まります。そして、不必要な枝きりも始まります。
After the finished fruit thinning is completed, in order to prevent the branches from breaking by the weight of the fruits, support pillars are place under it. And extra branches that are not needed will be cut off.

病害虫からりんごを守るために行う農薬散布(pesticide application frequency)は、県の基準では年間10回の散布ですが、りんごの実にかかるのは7回程度です。今年は、昨年流行した黒星病(Scab)の発生率も低く、農薬の散布回数(pesticide application frequency)も少なくて済むようです。
Pesticide spraying to protect apples from pests is spraying 10 times a year and only 7 times on the apples according to Aomori prefecture’s standards. This year the incidence rate of scab disease, which became prevalent last year is in low risk. Hence, the number of pesticide applications is likely to be reduce.

そして、8月中旬から早生のリンゴ(early-maturing apple)の収穫が始まります。
収穫前の一定期間の農薬散布は、ほとんど行われていません。The harvest of early-maturing apples if start around August.
Application of pesticides is not be done will the harvest process is on the go.

早生種の秋映(Akibae)は、今はこんなですが、収穫時期になると下のように赤く大きくなり、ジュース等にも加工(processed into juice)されます。
Early-maturing apple also known as Akibae looks like this. But when its time to harvest, it will be big in size, red in colour and juicy. It will be processed into juice

Next time, we will do an explanation of early-maturing apple.

せいの農園 Seino Farm http://www.pureaapple-seino.jp/

http://www.pureaapple-seino.jp/Japan’s No. 1 apple producing area Aomori. Ⅰ 日本一のリンゴ産地青森

Japan’s No. 1 apple producing area Aomori. Ⅱ 日本一のリンゴ産地青森

Japan’s No. 1 apple producing area Aomori. Ⅲ 日本一のリンゴ産地青森

Extremely early harvest known as Koizora that can only be eaten now.         今しか食べられない極早生種「恋空」



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