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History & Culture

The Japan day in Misawa US military base

三沢基地のJapan dayへ行ってきました。


I went to an event called the Japan day in Misawa US military base. It introduced and experienced Japanese culture to people who live there. Various groups in Aomori Prefecture participated in it.




The experienced booths were tea ceremonies, ikebana, kite painting, Koto performance ; like Japanese harp, Origami, making artificial sushi, Kimono dressing etc.

The traditional culture shows were Nebuta festivals(Paper lantern festival), Japanese drum playing, Tsugaru shamisen( Three-stringed Japanese guitar) etc. There were many families, it was a great success.



When we were leaving, there was something happen in the base. The gate was closed so we were all locked up. All of residents and us were suspicious!

We took this first time experience positive way, staying in the base is very rare! We better eat pizzas which somebody bought, what else we can do? etc. Then, the gate was open and let us go.


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