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History & Culture

Hina Matsuri  Spring messages from the snow country.



Hina Matsuri, a festival solely for girls in Japan which falls on the 3rd of March.

There are many myths about the origin of Hina Matsuri but it is commonly said that this festival is originated from the custom of warding off bad luck in ancient China. This festival is officially recognized as a festival for girls from the Edo era, wishing for better growth or good match.



Besides displaying the Hinari dolls, as the symbols of warding off the bad luck, you can also see peach blossom, Shirozake(traditional sweet sake), Hina Arare(colorful and cute small rice crackers) and diamond-shaped mochi. Once the Hina dolls are being decorated, the room will become brighter.

During this season, you can still see snow in Aomori. Celebrating Hina Matsuri in this snowy area will give you a different kind of experience.




Next, we will introduce the origins of Hina Arare and diamond-shaped mochi.

Hina Arare is a kind of snack served while playing Hina dolls outdoor. The colors of diamond-shaped mochi have meanings. White represents snow, red represents peach, while green represents the green shoots in the spring.





Chirashizushi is made at home during the celebration.

The ingredients in Chirashizushi have meanings as well. The shrimps are said as a symbol of longevity, lotus root gives one the power to see what will happen in the future, beans symbolize those who are working can work steadily and safety and lastly clam soup is also served.

Clam soup represents the symbol of good match.



The positions of Hina dolls now are different from the ancient time. Nowadays, the male Hina dolls are put on the left side while the females are on the right side(facing towards the Hina dolls).

In the ancient time, men were dominant and sat on the left side(east). Since the Westernization of Japan in Meiji era, the concept changed, position switched to the right side and this is why Hina dolls are decorated in that way.


At the night of Hina Matsuri, who knows if you can hear the Hina dolls having their party.






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