Aomori’s traditional cuisine ‘Kenoshiru’  青森の伝統料理「けの汁」



In Aomori, people wish for perfect health by eating a traditional cuisine called ‘Kenoshiru’, which is full of nutrition on the 15th of January of lunar calendar(19th of February).

The origin of ‘Kenoshiru’ came from ‘Soup of porridge’, as rice was very expensive in the olden days, mountain vegetables and vegetables were shredded into the size of rice and made as soup.



‘Kenoshiru’ is made up of shredded root crops (radish, carrot, burdock and etc.), mountain vegetables (Japanese butterburs, brackens, flowering ferns and etc.), fried bean curd, frozen bean curd and cook together.

Although the ingredients put into the ‘Kenoshiru’ are slightly different between the regions in Aomori Prefecture, the most common one is miso soup.


Nowadays, it is more convenient to consume ‘Kenoshiru’ as it is available in can or in packet.

けの汁が食べられるお店  a restaurant that serves local dishes”kenoshiru”

【青森市】Aomori City

みちのく料理 西むら(青森県観光物産館 アスパム10F)

Aomori Tourist Information Center, ASPAM 10F

【五所川原市】tel.0173-38-3232(代表)Goshogawara  City

立佞武多の館  展望ラウンジ「春楡」はるにれ  a restaurant Harunire

【弘前市】Hirosaki  City

菊富士本店(中三の近く)a restaurant Kikufuji










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