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Number one producer of apple in Japan, Aomori  日本一のリンゴ産地青森





Aomori is the producer of apple with highest quality and production in Japan.

Due to the advance planting skill and hard work of many people, Aomori’s apple is well known all around the world.

Since Meiji 8(1875), Aomori has 144 years of planting history.



Apple tree planting starts from the winter, starting from the pruning during winter season. Pruning is a process where unnecessary branches are removed in order to let the small branches which can bear delicious apples grow better, it is carried out between January and March, in the extreme cold weather.

写真提供 Provide photos  青森県りんご協会 Apple Association of Aomori Prefecture



As pruning will affect the harvesting during autumn, the main purpose of this process is to identify the small branches and to ensure that they can get sufficient sunlight. The process will be more difficult if the farmers are not familiar with their farms.

Due to that, apple farmers in Aomori have to keep an eye on the apples so that they can get sufficient sunlight in every seasons.

写真提供 Provide photos  青森県りんご協会 Apple Association of Aomori Prefecture




In each year, the way of pruning might be different due to the difference in budding. Apple farmers in Aomori only harvest the apples once in a year, and the rest of the time is used to learn the knowledge that are needed when planting apple.

We will think of apple when will talk about Aomori.

As the citizens of Aomori Prefecture, we are proud of our apples.



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