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It is the coldest season in Aomori from January till February. Although there are many kinds of stews in different
regions of Japan, but the most common one might be Oden. You could find Oden in every region of Japan, but
the ingredients and taste are different based on region or family.
So, let us see what kind of Oden we have in my house.

【食材】 大根 コンニャク(粉から作ったものでなく、コンニャク芋から作ったもの) 生揚げ  焼き豆腐
がんもどき  ちくわ  さつま揚げ  ゆで卵  はんぺん  ジャガイモ
ロールキャベツ  若生(柔らかい昆布をカンピョウで結んだもの)
だし昆布  イワシの焼き干し  醤油

【ingredients】 Radish , Konjac jelly(made from potato called devil’s tongue or konjac, not the Konjac powder),
Fried bean curd, Yakidofu( grilled tofu), Ganmodoki( deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables ),
Chikuwa(tube-shaped fish paste cake),  Fried fish ball , Boiled egg, Rolled cabbage,
Hanpen(solidified paste made with minced fish, yam and starch), Potato, Rolled kelp, Stew tied with dried gourd strips,
Dried gourd strips are needed to ntie the rolled kelp and cabbage.

① だしをとります。 2リットルの水に、10㎝×20㎝の昆布2枚と、
【How to make】
① Firstly, we will prepare the broth. Soak 2 pieces of kelp ( 10cm×20cm) and
a sachet packed with 10 dried sardines in 2L of water and heat it up.

② 食材の下ごしらえ
若く薄い昆布を水で軽く戻し、10㎝×10㎝ 位の大きさに切り、きつく丸めます。

② Preparing the material
1)Soften the dried gourd strips
Lightly wash the dried gourd strips with water, shake the salt and rub it well.
Rinse the salt with running water, soak in water until it becomes soft.
It will take about 30 minutes.
2)Soften the kelp with water, cut to a size of about 10 ㎠ , and round
tightly. Tie the kelp with the dried gourd strips that you just soften in step 1)
3)  Preparation of cabbage of  rolled cabbage
Cut out the core of cabbage , peel off one by one carefully so as not to rupture,
Put it in a steamer . When the cabbage becomes transparent, put it into cold water
and then remove the core part. Put it into a sieve and drain it with water.
Content of roll cabbage
Fry the chopped onions with butter, and leave it cool.
Mix the chicken breast meat minced, cold rice, and cooled onion well in a bowl.
Spread a piece of cabbage, put the contents in it. wrap it and tie with the soften
dried gourd strips in step 1)
4)  Preparing the material
  Boil the ganmodoki, fried bean curd, and fried fish balls with boiling water,
  and drain the oil.
Cut the konjac jelly into bite-sized pieces, boil it with boiling water to remove
the smell of lime.
Also boil the chikuwa with boiling water to remove the excess salt.

③ 大きめの鍋に、食材ごとにきちんと並べて入れます。ジャガイモやハンペンはまだ入れません。
③ Put each ingredients neatly in a big pot except potatoes and hanpen.
When you have finished putting in all the ingredients, add the broth stocked separately
as much as you can until the ingredients cannot be seen. Add a small amount of
menntsuyu( noodle soup base) as seasoning and put it on a fire.
After the ingredients were heated with fire, add the potatoes and hanpen.
Continue to heat at low heat to medium heat so as not to boil.
Use a small pot to divide the ingredients which are soaked in well and enjoy it slowly.












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