A real snow world 雪の世界


In December, snow has begun to be heaped up around the Aomori. It is said that the snowfall of this year is later and lesser than usual.




From Aomori City to the south, there is Hakkoda Mountain. It takes about 20 minutes by car from Aomori city to the Moya Ski Area and Hakkoda Ropeway after 20 minutes from the ski area. The winter ropeway is full of many skiers. For some reasons, there is a real snow world different from the lower world.




As you travel up by the ropeway, you can see a forest of beech woods. The further up you travel, you can see lots of trees covered in snow, as what we called “Snow Monster”. I can feel the greatness of Mother Nature every time I look at them. As you reach the peak station, you will surely be surprised to see the station covered in white. Once you step out from the station, you will be entering a whole new world. If the weather is good enough, you can see the clear blue sky while you are surrounded by the snow kingdom. Although it is very freezing cold, visitors are always fascinated by the snow and snow monsters of Hakkoda.

You must come here to feel this winter wonderland at least once!


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