Handmade Sausage  真冬のソーセージ作り  

Hello, my name is Hiroaki Tachizaki. I am farming with my wife and parents in Aomori prefecture. I also run B&B. It’s December, local school has started winter vacation, so I invited some friends and their children to  “Handmade Sausage party” . The instructor was my father. He once was a sausage maker in local welfare center, so he seemed very excited.


Firstly, we mixed the ground pork meat with other ingredients, and filled into a casing which is made of the sheep intestine by using special tool designed for making sausages. Children were very nerves at the beginning, but they gradually got used to the work. Then, we formed sausage links, and raised it up high! It was a very happy moment! Their parents taking photos seemed very happy too. Next, we smoked fresh sausages by Sakura flavor. After that process, we boiled it until its temperature reached 75. Children were looking these processes very curiously with their pure eyes.


Finally, our handmade sausages were ready. Now all we need was cook and eat!! Children were waiting like a hungry lion. I had to cook sausages one after another, because once I served sausages it vanished in the blink of an eye. I heard everyone shouting “Oh, it’s delicious!!” in my back. I turned around, and served another grilled sausages on a plate, found so many fingers (more than sausages!!) reaching already. Parents were very surprised, because their children are usually busy playing with their smartphone all day and rarely care about what they eat in daily life. Sharing time and working together with children brings wonderful experiences and remains as beautiful memories. There are such warm experiences in Aomori’s winter.



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