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A wonderful time to travelers 旅人に素敵な時間を

弘前市 石場旅館 石場 創一郎さん      Ishiba Ryokan in Hirosaki, Mr. Sohichirou Ishiba



Nearby Hirosaki castle, there is a good old ryokan which many travelers abroad stay.

It is “Ishiba Ryokan” of the foundation in Meiji 12 (1879). This accommodation is proud of its history of 139 years.



At the entrance, an old wall clock gets ticking time and it produces atmosphere of having traveled into the past.

This inn in astringent persimmon color is like an old English hotel.



When going up into the entrance, a pair of big “Kyoho-Bina” in a glass case is decorated. Which is a couple doll that was made in Kyoho era, from 1716 to 1736.

It was a gift that was given by Tsugaru clan when the hotel founder, who was his great grandfather, lost the status as a samurai as a result of the Meiji Restoration. There is another valuable copper mirror that lost its radiance now.

魅力的な旅館の歴史は、現在の当主 4代目 石場 創一郎さんの書いた「ときの旅」に詳しく出ているのでそちらを見てほしい。とても面白い。


The history of the fascinating inn is detailed in the “Travel of Time” written by Mr. Sohichiro Ishiba of the current owner, so please check it out. It’s so interesting.


After graduating from university, Mr. Ishiba worked for a public benefit foundation corporation that supports overseas cooperation aid and other projects, and mainly worked on scientist support and welfare services.



ロンリープラネット(Lonely Planet)やトリップアドバイザー(TripAdvisor)を見て、海外からやってくるお客さん達は、観光にとどまらず、もっと地元探求的なディープな目的をもってやってくる人もいるという。

In 2004, he resigned the group to succeed his family business.

The pleasure of Mr. Ishiba, who succeeded his family business, is to interact with people.

Among travelers from overseas, who check Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor, there are some who aim to seek local uniques.


Mr. Ishiba, who can communicate daily conversation in English and French, even while interviewing, was asked in English by customers from overseas. He answers in English fluently.

It is helpful for foreigners that the owner of the inn can speak English.



Mr. Ishiba recommends having dinner at local eatery instead of the one at the inn. He wants visitors to interact with locals and to experience the local food culture. Listen to what the customer wants to eat, and provide information on local restaurant, ramen shop, French restaurant and so on. He introduces the best matched shop by asking how customers want to spend; talking with local people while drinking, eating quietly, listening to Tsugaru music while drinking or eating and so on. Many customers choose local shops. It is likely to pass through goodwill in seeking contact with the local people, such as shopkeepers who are good at conversation or carefree regular customers.




There is also a bar in the site of the Ishiba Ryokan.

It is a membership bar, only the members and the guests at the Ishiba Ryokan can be welcome.

Open every day from 5pm to 12am except Sunday





It is “BAR CAN” of adult atmosphere where Marilyn Monroe poster was adorned.

Even if you do not know anyone or if you are not fluent in languages, you will hit it off and have a good time.

The time that quietly flows while drinking with local people would be more memorable wonderful time.




Mr. Ishiba casually provides what travelers want.

But still, never too close.

Mr. Ishiba said, “Many people, guests, have come and gone since I was a little boy. And I was grown up in a situation where there are always other people. I might have naturally learned how to maintain the sense of distance.”



Among the travelers who comfortably spent at the inn, there is someone who invites Mr. Ishiba to his wedding ceremony or who brings wine from Brittany as a souvenir.

He got some candies on the other day.

2011年 平成23年に石場旅館は、国指定登録有形文化財として登録された。


In 2011 the Ishiba Ryokan was registered as a nationally designated tangible cultural asset.

He told that he is preserving the inn, with the consciousness that he is appointed on behalf of the country.



I’m wondering what kind of wonderful time from now on will be given to the travelers by the SEIKO wall clock, “The Daughter of Time” decorated


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