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山に登ろう! Let’s Climb Mountains!

posted by MIZUKA
translated by MIZUKA

「東京には刺激があるけど、青森にはない」青森に住む若者から聞かれる言葉。 しかし、ここには“青森刺激”があると思う。「こどもの森」はそんな青森刺激を提供してくれる場所の一つ。11月の月例登山会に参加した。今日のテーマは「晩秋の山 ライオン岩ハイク」毎月1回、標高663mの久渡寺山(くどじやま)を登る。無料で登山ガイドが目的地までリードしてくれる。
“There is a lot of fun in Tokyo but not in Hirosaki” That is a phrase heard from youngsters who live in Aomori. However, there might be “Aomori Excitement” here. “Children’s Forest” is the one of the places where to give you such Aomori Excitement. I participated in a monthly mountaineering party for November. Today’s theme is “Late Autumn Mountain, Lion Rock Hikes.” Once a month, we climb Mt.Kudoji of the altitude of 663 m. The climbing guide leads to the destination free of charge.
In the mountain climbing in the middle of November I imagined snow, but snow has not fallen around this time yet. The fallen leaves of Ginkgo greeted us in the autumn outfit.

Start Climbing

Famous Lion Rocks for Mt.Kudoji can be peeped at this time when the leaves fall. Believe or not there is a lion head. Can you see the Lion?

Lion Rock

When participating last month for the first time, I was deceived by this name of the organization, “Children’s Forest” and casually joined in a hiking mood with jogging shoes. However, there are steep slopes of 45 degrees (in my perspective). I ran to a shop and bought shoes dedicated to hill climbing immediately after the first participation.

Climbing Boots

In a deep place of the mountains where strong winds do not pass, the trees stand straight towards the sky. The afternoon sunshine penetrates between those. The next steep slope was waiting after this gentle mountain road.

Sun Light Penetrates

Mr. Hiroshi Toki, who met us in the mountaineering last month. He instructed us of beginners this month too. Mr. Toki has leaded mountaineers in various mountains as climbing guide. After retiring, he had been away from the mountain for a while, but recently came back to here again. Currently he dedicates to Mt.Kudoji, he told. Thanks to that, we were able to return safely on this golden carpet.

Mr.Hiroshi Toki (right)

There were about 20 participants on this day. Apart from Mr.Toki, a dedicated guide is also attached from the visitor center where this project is offered. Even beginners can participate with confidence. You can meet a variety of people through climbing, feel the natural blessings with your skin, suck into the body the fresh air emitted from the plants, 4-hour climbing was over without any problems.

On the way back, loosen the muscles at the hot spring where Mt.Iwaki can be seen. This is the day of the weekend in Aomori. Why don’t you take a new excitement from Aomori?
Mt.Iwaki, the view from the hot spring I went

弘前市大字坂元字山元 久渡寺地内
TEL: 0172-88-3923
URL: http://www.hirosakipark.or.jp/child/index.html

Children’s Forest
Address: Yamamoto Sakamoto, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture 036-8244, Japan
TEL: 0172-88-3923
URL: http://www.hirosakipark.or.jp/child/index.html


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