Hakkoda’s Yellow Leaves~八甲田の黄葉~


Talking about autumn, it would be autumn leaves. In Japan, the word of “autumn leaves” is written “red leaves” in Kanji. However, Hakkoda has many beeches and the colour turns yellow instead of red. Therefore, it would be better to express “yellow leaves” in Japan.



In October, many people come to Hakkoda to seek these yellow leaves by photographing, climbing or driving.


Showing the huge popularity is “Jogakura Ohashi”. It is the longest bridge in Japan as a raise formula arched type and has a height of 122 m. The majestic view from there gives an impression to visitors, not only Japanese but also foreigners.


This year, the colour wasn’t brilliant due to the influence of typhoons compared to another year. Some yellow leaves finished yellowing early and toned down or withered and scattered. Others haven’t changed color yet. It gave us a different view from last year. Is this an impact of global warming? It might have been the time to think internationally how to coexist with nature not only to enjoy nature.


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