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Local lifestyle

” Agricultural Experiencing Cafe”  「農のふれカフェ」  

Tsugaru Yume Lingo Farm (Tsugaru Dream Apple Farm), Mrs. Yasuko Hirai (61)

津輕ゆめりんごファーム  平井 靖子(61)さん

This Agricultural Experiencing Café includes three meanings of “contact”, “fresh”, and “friendly”. “Cafe for agriculture” is an experiencing cafe where you can eat sweets and cuisine being used plenty of local vegetables and fruits at a farm or a house and meet farmers who grew crops.

今回は、弘前市にあるリンゴ農園「津輕ゆめりんごファーム」の平井 靖子さんです。


We will introduce Mrs. Yasuko Hirai of the apple farm in Hirosaki, named “Tsugaru Yume Lingo Farm”.

“I’d like guests visiting sightseeing farms to taste the deliciousness of jams just made from harvested seasonal fruits on the spot. In a cafe-like atmosphere, I would like customers to feel relax.” She says that she has started with such thoughts.







First of all, it starts from making jams. On this day, we made jam with Jonathan apples. We harvested Jonathsan apples, the material on this day, at the farm where Mt. Iwaki can be seen.

Jonathan apples is somewhat sour, when it is turned to a jam, the sourness makes jam refreshing.

Choose an apple which of butt is slightly yellowish. It indications a ripe delicious apple.

Hold the apple and lightly lift it from the bottom to the top, you can easily take it from the branch. Three per person. Take them and go to the experience room.



Rinse the apples and peel them without cutting it.

Peel the apples and keep the length of the skin as long as you can. It is because longer apple skin is easier to take out from the pot after adding a pink color to the jam by boiling together.


Cut two of three peeled apples into 4 equal pieces. Then cut them into 5mm width. Grate the left one. Put all the apples into a pot with lemon juice and the sugar of 30% of the apple weight. Then turn on the heater.



The juice is only from those apples! A 100% pure jam is made.

Adjust the sweetness by ourselves. It will be ready if the wateriness disappears.


Put it in a disinfected bottle, cool it a little, then cover it.


Label papers are handed to each person. We designed it freely. It is only one label in the world for my own apple jam.



Besides the binned jam, put some jam into a small plate for tasting.

It is strange that the taste is different little by little, though it is making the same material and the same way.


Mrs. Hirai also puts the efforts on processed apple products and makes apple ciders and 10 types of apple juice. Besides that, she also runs a sweets shop that uses apples.

この日は、近づいている台風でリンゴが落下するのを防ぐため、ご主人の平井 秀樹さんは、収穫作業で大忙しでした。そうです、台風が近づいているときは、リンゴを収穫してしまいますので、ぜひ、その前にいらしてくださいね。

On this day, Mr. Hideki Hirai, her husband, was busy for harvesting in order to prevent the apples from falling off by the approaching typhoon. Please come early before typhoon took all.

Experience menu: 体験メニュー:

Seasonal Jam Experience 1,200 yen 季節の果物でジャム作り 1,200円

※ Fruit harvesting, jam making, bottling, tasting (with drinks)


Contact: Yamazaki-44-4 Kozawa, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-8243, Japan

TEL: 0172-87-6089 FAX: 0172-87-6806

Period: July – Mid November

Up to 15 people, Reservations required


住所:弘前市小沢字山崎44-4 ℡ 0172-87-6089   fax 0172-87-6806


人数:15名まで  その他 要予約







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