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” Agricultural Experiencing Cafe” 「農のふれカフェ」

第一回  ミニ盆栽作りと自家産卵を使った料理

The 1st report: Making Mini Bonsai and Cooking Self-Raising Eggs

ジンレリア農園&工房 工藤甚三さん(71)・れい子さん(69)
JINRERIA Farm & Factory; Mr. Jinzo Kudo (71) and Mrs. Reiko (69)

The name of “JINRERIA” consists the members’ initials of of this family.

「農のふれカフェ」 とは、農家の家屋または農園で、地元の野菜や果物をたっぷりと使った料理・スィーツや郷土料理を農業者とふれあいながら食べる体験型カフェのこと。「ふれカフェ」の「ふれ」とは、「ふれあい」「フレッシュ」「フレンドリー」の三つの意味を含んでいます。中南地域の農業や食べ物の魅力を伝えようと、青森県中南地域県民局地域農林水産部農業普及室が始めた事業で、これまで開いたセミナーの受講者数は、約30人。昨年度、実際に始めた農家は、4軒。今年度も6件の農家がスタートします。

“Cafe for agriculture” is an experiencing cafe where you can eat sweets and cuisine being used plenty of local vegetables and fruits at a farm or a house and meet farmers who grew crops.

This “Agricultural Experiencing Café” includes three meanings of “contact”, “fresh”, and “friendly”.

This is a business t Aomori Prefecture Central and Southern Branch Office

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Department Agricultural Support Sectionhas started to convey the fascination of agriculture and food in the Central and South region of Aomori and there are approximately 30 participants who attended the seminar so far. Four farm households have actually started since last year.  Six farmers will start this fiscal year.

今回ご紹介するのは、ジンレリア農園&工房 工藤甚三さん・れい子さんご夫妻。

I will introduce JINRERIA Farm and Mr. and Mrs. Kudo – Jinzo and Reiko.


Mr. Jinzo says “Agriculture is a hard work, that’s why we must have fun.”
He is a member of the Japanese Bonsai Association teaches participants the way to make “mini bonsai”.
He has 50-year experience in making bonsai.


Cut the long roots of seedlings of Iwahiba, selaginella tamariscina, into short. Wrap it in sphagnum and embed firmly into a small pumice with tweezers. Mr. Jinzo, who says that bonsai is a comfort, wants people to come to heal here. This place is surrounded with trees, the field has delicious produce and customers can experience of harvest. The chicken that this couple keeps from three years ago is a unique creature that produces green eggs called “asunaro eggs”. Mrs. Reiko cooked it for me.


Reiko’s meal includes rice grown in-house, uncommon purple black rice and local cuisine “mixed squid and spinach and chrysanthemum walnut into miso” and sweet red-bean soup with purple black rice, as well as fried eggs in-house of “asunaro egg”.
Miso of miso soup is also homemade. All handmade and hearty meals.


Mr. and Mrs. Kudo started this “agriculture cafe” from the desire that they want others to learn about the seasons of the agricultural products and how to eat deliciously, the living of rural areas, and feel agriculture closely.


The signboard of “Mountain Cabin” is handmade by Mr. Jinzo. The view on the second floor of this “Mountain Cabin” is wonderful. On sunny days, you can see those mountains from the four side windows which are Hakkoda in the east, Mt. Iwaki in the west, Mt. Ajara in the south, Mt. Bonju in the north and Shirakami Sanchi in the southwest.


Eat fresh agricultural products and food taken from the plantation then sit back and relax.

Why don’t you spend such a time being healed while listening to the story of Mr. Saito with the wind crossing the trees?


ミニ盆栽づくり(ランチ付き) 2,500円   所要時間:2~3時間

人数  5人から15人まで

冬季間  餅作りや自家栽培野菜のピザ作り

連絡先 住所  青森県平川市猿賀池田121-1

℡ 0172-57-3471 fax 0172-88-5159

Experience menu:

April – November
Mini bonsai work (including lunch) 2,500 yen, Duration: 2-3 hours
Number of participants: 5 to 15 people

Winter season: Making mochi or pizza with homemade vegetables

Contact: 121-1 Ikeda Saruka, Hirakawa, Aomori
TEL: 0172-57-3471     FAX:0172-88-5159




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