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Tsugaru Peaches 津輕の桃


Speaking of fruit trees in Aomori Prefecture, it should be “apple”. These days, Tsugaru is busy for harvesting “Tsugaru Peaches” that have been care by making use of its apple cultivation technology. Harvest of various kinds of peaches are relayed in order from “summer kanro”, “akatsuki” of mid August to “Kawanakajima” of early September. Various kinds of peaches are harvested in order from “summer kanro”, “akatsuki” of mid August to “Kawanakajima” of early September.

生産者のお一人平川市に住むJA津輕みらい 津輕もも生産部会 部会長の今井 昇さん。「”津輕の桃“が生産者に支持されたのは、長年培ってきたリンゴの栽培技術を応用出来ることと、薬剤散布等リンゴ栽培での機械類が使えるため新たな投資がいらず取り組みやすいということ、そして、他産地の収穫が終わって、台風が来る前に収穫を終えられるということ。」と話す。桃の収穫後にリンゴの収穫が始まるため、作業効率が良いという。桃30aを栽培する今井さんは、他に米90a、リンゴ2hの複合経営。
Mr. Noboru Imai who lives in Hirakawa city is the one of the producers of Japan Agriculture (JA) Tsugaru Mirai and also the Production Committee Chairperson. “The reason why ‘Tsugaru Peach’ has been supported by producers is that it means that we can apply the cultivation technology of apple cultivated over many years and it is easy to start working because we do not need new investment by using machinery of apple cultivation such as pesticide spray. And also it is good that we can finish up to harvest after the end of harvesting of other productions and before typhoon comes,” he said.It is said that the work efficiency is good because the harvest of apple begins after peach.Mr. Imai who cultivates peach in his field of 0.72 acres also has managed two more fields, rice field of 2.16 acres and apple field of 4.94 acres.



In this area, peach cultivation began about 15 years ago from now. The generation of his father started it, and the whole district began full-scale efforts for about 10 years ago.Today, the shipment quantity is 25,000 boxes, 125 t.

In July 2016, we acquired a GI regional group trademark (a trademark system aimed at widely protecting regional brands with trademarks made up of regional names and product names: Japanese Geographical Indication), and we are getting excited to make our peach brand got momentum. http://www.maff.go.jp/e/policies/intel/gi_act/

Speaking of the problem for cultivating peaches, it is said to be “harvesting comes at a stretch”. Unlike apples, soft peaches tend to ripe all at once, so they are chased by the harvest.
Protect the skin of peaches from diseases by bagging which is also done in apple cultivation. By spreading reflective sheets in the field, color to the fruit butt. It is effective to make looks delicious.

In peach harvesting period, although you can estimate the time by looking at the red part of peach bottoms, it will be finally judged by touching the hardness of the hair on the peach surface with hands. What is ripe seems to be that the hair is soft.


At JA Tsugaru Mirai, they have set standards of size, sugar content and color, and they ship only delicious peaches by checking the quality through “saccharimeter”.
Especially, large and sweet peaches with a sugar content of 14 degrees or more are sold in 13 to 15 pieces as a premium item in a cosmetic box. However, because the amount is not so many, this premium Tsugaru peach can be purchased only at the production area.





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