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“Strange Charms of Gonohe Local Museum” 「ごのへ郷土館の不思議な魅力」

Yoshihiro Nida

The history museum, “Ginohe Local Museum” in Gonohe-cho town, the southern Aomori prefecture, opened on June 26, 2018. This building utilizes the former primary elementary school that was discontinued. On August 12th, it became the day of “Memorial Achievement of 1,000 Visitors” and became a big event in a small town.The concept of this building is “to convey the charm and value of this local community to the next 100 years.” There is underlying of a heart of Gonohe people, who are stylish that not swayed by the transfiguration of the era. It is managed by Akihiko Kimura Director.

This story is still familiar for Gonohe people. It is about “Gonohe weave” that was used in the movie “Dream (Village with Waterwheel)” by Akira Kurosawa, (March 23, 1910 – September 6, 1998), the masters of the film world. There are three kinds of human skills boasting worldside, called Jingi, which are “Gonohe weavw”, “Southern diamond embroidery““Southern cleavage (Aomori prefecture traditional craft designation)”. Many people, such as those hand craftmen, local community groups, Green Tourism, the staff of the cafe in the hall or so, are supporting and acting as the protagonist of the operation.

南部裂織作業  Southern cleavage work
南部菱刺作業    southern diamond embroidery work
On August 21, the organization of “Aya-no-kai” of this museum held the event of “Experience of Indigo Dyeing by Fresh Leaves”. Indigo leaves that were cultivated in the field on the premises of this museum in May were used. The participant told that “it is the charm of fresh leaf dyeing that it is very mysterious that the colour of leaves changed from green to blue.” And she seemed satisfied the result by saying that “a treasure of only one in the world.”
Indigo live leaf dyeing. Patterns, other than tie-dyed diagrams, were made by chance.生葉染め作業風景 work scenery of dyeing fresh leaves
同館では、今後も草木染め体験をはじめ、参加者が感動できる体験会を計画中。問い合わせは同郷土館へ。電話・FAX 0178-62-5965
Hands-on experience events are being planned at this museum that participants can be impressed, including experiences of natural dyeing. For more information, please call to the museum directly.
Tel / Fax 0178-62-5965



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