青森の夏の味覚 ホヤ Aomori Summer Taste, Hoya (English name: ascidian, Sea Pineapple, seasquirt)

By K.Yamauchi

From the appearance, “Hoya” is said to be the sea pineapple.
Aomori Hoya grows round well in summer. Production areas are Aomori City, Hachinohe City, Sai Village.
Hoya, that seems to be eerie at first glance with red protuberance, is this really edible? I think that there are many people who think so.


Contrary to the appearance, the taste of Hoya is delicate flavor. There is a bittersweet taste in the sweetness and you can enjoy the fragrance of rich ocean.

Cut the elastic outer skin, take out the water inside and a bright orange-colored yellow body comes out.


In Aomori, we taste this together with kelp soup and a little salt, along with the wild vegetable “Mizu” that will be on time. In a hot summer, tilt the well-chilled sake while pounding the season’s Hoya. This is a staple of summer. It is a unique way for Aomori, where you can get the freshest Hoya.




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