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あおもりの三大アロマ ヒバ・ハマナス・クロモジ Aomori Three Aromatics, Hiba, Hamanasu and Chromoji


青森ヒバは、ヒノキ科アスナロ属の針葉樹で、和名をヒノキアスナロ(学名:Thujopsis dolabrata)といい、木曽ヒノキ、秋田スギと並んで日本三大美林のひとつです。国内蓄積量の80%以上は青森県内にあり、下北半島に多く分布植生しています。青森ヒバにはヒノキチオールという成分が多く含まれ、他の樹種にはない優れた性質があります。

Thujopsis is a conifer in the cypress family
and it is named “Hinoki Asunaro” in Japanese (the scientific name: Thujopsis dolabrata). It is one of three Japanese beautiful forests as like Kiso Hinoki and Akita cedar. Over 80% of national accumulation are considered in Aomori and many of them are distributed vegetation in Shimokita peninsula.


The fragrance of Aomori hiba relieves mood and has aroma relaxation effect which gives restlessness.

ハマナスは、バラ科バラ属の落葉性低木で、北国の海岸に自生する日本原種の芳香性植物です。英名は「Japanese rose」。バラの先祖ともいわれ、ハマナスから多くのバラの品種が生まれました。果実はいわゆる「ローズヒップ」。お茶・果実酒・ジャムなどにして食用に、根は染料に、花弁は芳香蒸留水に使われます。全国的には自生地も減少し絶滅危惧種に指定している地域もあります。

Hamanasu is a deciduous shrub of the genus Rosacea, a rose family, and is an aromatic plant of the Japanese original species to the northern coast. It is called “Japanese rose” in English. It is said that Hamanasu is the ancestor of roses and various types of roses have been produced from Hamanasu.



Chromoji is widely distributed on mountains from southern Hokkaidō to Kyusyu. It is the mutated Ohba Chromoji that grows naturally in Aomori. It has a fragrance in branches and leaves, with dark green spots on its branches, and is known as a luxury toothpick “black character”. Linalool, the main ingredient, was a sweet scent like lily of the valley, and there was a time when it was once exported to Europe as a perfume.


The place of natural growth of these “Aomori Three Major Aromas” well is at Ohata-machi of Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori prefecture. Hamanas clustered on the coast, and in the woods of “Yagen Onsenkyo” in a 10 minute-drive from the coast, you can feel the collaboration of the two largest aromas of Hiba and Chromoiji, and the healing of the forest throughout the body!



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