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black currant of Aomori



Hello from Aomori. This is black currant producer of Aomori.
July has come. July is the harvest season of black currant in Aomori.


Aomori city is a region with high snowfall in the prefecture. It is a suitable climate for the cool-oriented black currant.
Although there might be some people who wonder whether there is black currant in Japan, it is a little but cultivated.
Most of Japanese black currant are cultivated in Aomori Prefecture. It was about 120 years ago when black currant was first introduced in Japan. But at that time, it did not spread at all.


Later, 50 years ago (1965) since now, Professor Mochizuki of Hirosaki University ordered some black currant seeds to Germany.


Black currant adapted to the cold climate of Aomori gradually increased cultivation, and healthy ingredients such as polyphenols and anthocyanins began to pay attention, then cultivation increased at a stroke. However, the production volume is as low as 12 tons and it was not enough for full-fledged commercial cultivation. There is not much mechanization yet either.


Frankly speaking, in Aomori, black currant is harvested with hand. Liquor using imported Crème de Cassis is popular in Japan, but in Aomori, black currant including seeds is mainly used for sweets such as jam, cakes, rice cakes, sweet bean jelly and Japanese sweets. Sweet and sour taste of black currant is also popular in Aomori.

When coming to Aomori, isn’t it good to taste Japanese sweets of black currant?
“Aomori Cassis (black currant)” is the first registration of Japanese geographical display protection system.


I am publishing videos of black currant fields on YouTube, so if you are interested, please have a look.





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