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My reminiscence 僕の思い出

The first time when I knew I was going to Japan, my excitement persuaded me to study basic Japanese language from YouTube every day after my working hours. It was going to be my first time to Japan and coincidently my teacher from Hirosaki University told me that I was the first person from Kingdom of Bhutan to live for a longer duration (4 months) in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture.


Apple harvest has begun; farmers are busy with their fruit of hard work. In the Hirosaki park the leaves in red were falling down. Welcoming me then, there it was the late autumn on its farewell. while I am just beginning to stay, awaiting what the winter of the new place hold to bring. Alas..! for one thing it will remain forever in my memory of what the winter brought; The snows of Tsugaru; powdery and watery, grainy and downy, crusty and lumpy, the Icy snow bid my farewell. It was nothing like any harsh winter I have ever faced in my whole life.


However, one of the best learning experience from new place in 24 years of my life has come. I committed to learn one from many arts that Aomori has to offer. Yes…!! The fine art of producing good quality of Apple; the very reason why I was there. I call it ‘The Art’ after experiencing conscious production process, how each Apple is given the utmost care and conscious effort by the passionate farmers of Tsugaru, in creating the best form of Apple. And how nourishing it was for both mind and body as I consciously consume each slice of Apple. The distinct beauty of Apple orchard with its typical tree arrangement always affected my senses and emotions.


The time took me home, back to Bhutan, also known as Land of Happiness for many people around the world. I am now sharing the knowledges and skills I have gained from my teachers in Tsugaru to the Bhutanese farmers and colleagues. With the hope that one fine day Bhutanese farmers can also produce best Apples out of their clean environment and soil. Keeping in mind, what one of my best teacher Mr. Sasaya wrote to me on the final day of training “Dorji, your four months training is your future”. This was the punch line, a final concluding my learning has been leading up to that; My future is the future of my Nation.


Some of my farmer friend in villages tease me by the name of ‘Japanese teacher’ in between our training session because of my style and dyed hair color before I left from Hirosaki. And this makes me feel nostalgic of those days in Hirosaki with my teachers and friends who all has heart of gold. Generally, all people I came across in Tsugaru had the milk of human Kindness.


About Author: Tshedrup Dorji works for Royal Government of Bhutan as a researcher in Agriculture Research and Development Center, Thimphu, Bhutan. He lived in Hirosaki for 4 months on attachment with Hirosaki University to learn Apple production and Management Skills. E-mail, dtshedrup@gmail.com
ライター:調査員Tshedrup Dorji
E-mail: dtshedrup@gmail.com


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