“Kakke” The mysterious food in the world Gonohe Toshihiro Niida 「かっけ」世にも不思議な食べ物

By Yoshihiro Niida

I am introducing it because there is a strange food culture that is transmitted to only limited area, Gonohe-machi in Aomori prefecture.
“Kakke” is a kind of powder-based foods made from a buckwheat flour or flour, considered it as one of the powder culture. It is a traditional regional food that has been reported to a very small part now, such as the southern region of Aomori prefecture, Gonohe or Hachinohe, and the northern Iwate prefecture. It was also called “Kakke-mochi”, “Tsutsuke-mochi”, “Katako-mochi”. It is “Kakke” in Gonohe.
The recipe is to use buckwheat flour or flour, and thin it like soba or udon (or pizza dough), then cut into triangles and boil it. In the past, the dough was made in the shape of “sea cucumber”, and it was thinly sliced from the edge.
Put sliced Chinese radish or tofu into a pot and put kakke in a well-boiled place. Eat kakke when it got soften. Enjoy it with seasonal flavors such as chrysanthemums.
Miso is the basic seasoning for the dipping sauce. Rubbed green onion in a ball, mixed with miso and rubbed it again. Rubbed garlic and mix it with the miso. Nowadays, we eat it with ponzu, vinegar-based soy sauce taste. It is such a simple food, but it is a wonderful and remarkable food as like “nonstop chopsticks” which means that you can’t stop eating. Please taste it when you visit to Gonohe.



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